bright moments
«Bright Moments is like hearing some music that ain't nobody else heard, and if they heard it they wouldn't even recognize that they heard it because they been hearing it all their life but they nutted on it, so when you hear it and you start popping your feet and jumping up and down they get mad because you're enjoying yourself but those are bright moments that they can't share with you because they don't know even how to go about listening to what you're listening to and when you try to tell them about it they don't know a damn thing about what you're talking about!»
(Rahsaan Roland Kirk)

Bright Moments is like when you're drivin' down the highway and you can't listen to your stereo because it's a shit stereo and no music will come out of it, so you decide to start singing something you haven't heard a long time ago, and you sing as lousy as your stereo would but even though all of a sudden the guys in the car start singing too just because they want to cheer up a little, and they sing as bad as you do, but you all keep doin' it until you crossed the damn country singing!